What is Your Resolution in 2019?

Website | 21 Desember 2018

        New year is the beginning of a journey for everyone to achieve success in the future. Everyone has their own resolution and always try to achieve it. In achieving this resolution everyone has a plan for what will be done in the next year. However, sometimes there are still many resolutions that have not been achieved in the previous year, so that the more years the resolutions are made to accumulate and make us overwhelmed in achieving them. Even though in one year, we have a lot of time, but there are always targets that have not been reached. Why did this happen?

       Success can be achieved starting from small things, like habits. When you feel you have carried out a strategy well, but your level of success is still stuck, try to begin to introspect yourself. There may be habits from yourself that must be changed. The habits that you form can affect the quality of your life. You can try to start paying attention to simple things

1) Time Efficiency

Always tighten the schedule you have, if there are two jobs that can be done at the same time, then do it at once then you can time efficiency. Fill in your free time, for example when you are waiting for the client, fill your time with useful things like reading news or articles. That way, the free time you have is not wasted.

2) Focus and Consistent
Because you want to improve your personal skills and abilities, there are many new things we want to do. This is very good, but it must be gradual. Focus on one activity first and do it repeatedly progressively. If you feel you have mastered what you are doing, then start doing other activities that you want to do.

3) Stay Care About Your Health

When work is busy, many people are not aware of their health. Even though this is the most important factor in carrying out daily activities. Do not force yourself to work, if you feel tired of your work, give your body a little time to rest so that the mind remains fresh and not stressed. Avoid staying up late, because lack of sleep causes your body's stamina to decrease. Take your time to exercise at least three times a week so that your stamina will stay fit. If the body is always fit, then the mind will remain clear and be able to do the maximum work.

4) Open Your Mind by Socializing

The way of thinking is influenced by the social environment. It is important to choose a positive social environment, because it can affect our daily habits. Expand our social sphere, our knowledge and way of thinking will be broader. This can affect when we face work and make decisions

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