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Website | 19 November 2018

                  Some of you who already have a website might know what a CMS is. The CMS (Content Management System) feature is one of the important features for website especially if the website is used as a business or company website.

                  In the past, before this feature, website owners were bothered to go back and forth to contact website developers if they wanted to edit their website content. For those of you who don’t have a website and plan to have it, you should make sure the website creation services provide CMS features. You need a CMS because this feature serves as a page where you as an admin can edit (add, delete, change) the content of a website whenever you want.

                 Using a CMS for a website can be a big investment for business progress. Especially if the business you have now wants to be developed through online marketing. With the various conveniences offered by this feature, you can save time and money. With a CMS, you can set the number of users who can access your website. In addition, the CMS will be very functional when you might make major changes to your website. Without a CMS, it would be difficult for you to set the number of changes that will be made on the website.                  

                 There are CMS which is provided free (open source) like WordPress and Magento or OpenCart for e-commerce. However, there is also a CMS that is provided by a web developer or programmer with his own version. Usually with CMS made by web programmers, the advantage is that there is no need to bother to always update the version and conceptualize yourself so that it differentiates your website from your competitor.

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