Searching Opportunities in Running A Business

Website | 01 November 2018

         Opportunities must be sought because opportunities don’t come naturally. To find opportunities, we can’t be complacent just by being different from others. We need to be anti-mainstream while taking concern of the criteria for good opportunities. These opportunities must have added value for our business customers. Our customers are exactly those who need a solution to the goods or services we offer, so the added value we have from that opportunity will make our business different from other people's businesses.                              

          Furthermore, these opportunities must be able to solve problems within the company. Both in terms of finance, marketing, operations and human resources. These new opportunities certainly not only provide solutions for customers, but are expected to provide solutions for our business internally. Then, good opportunities are opportunities that can increase our profit or market size. This is a benchmark, whether that opportunity makes our business increase or just stagnate.                              

         Finally, the opportunity has a balanced risk & reward, where the results obtained are proportional to the risks taken to obtain these results. There are various kinds of opportunity sources in the business, they are:

1. Customer

Every business must have customers. Explore what needs, worries, desires and dreams of your customers

2. Customer Community                            

The next step after you are close to your customers is to get closer to the customer community. This community can start from your product users, friends or business relationships from your customers

3. Company and Its Network

You can also look for opportunities from your own business such as partners who have helped you so far, such as suppliers, distributors, retailers of your products. The more you get complaints from them, the more chances you get. 

        The key to success from searching this opportunity is how you detect needs, sort out suggestions and criticisms, and make that knowledge new opportunities to grow your business.


Source : Book of Stupid Marketing

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