Why Do You Need Social Media for Business?

Website | 07 November 2018

         The development of the internet increases the use of social media. With social media, people have new experiences in interacting in cyberspace. They use social media to express themselves, express opinions, discuss their hobbies and interest in an online community, and even use social media for business affair.

         Hootsuite.com stated from a survey of 12,000 Twitter users, 54% had taken action after seeing a brand referred to in a tweet. Even though 'taking action' in this case does not mean buying, it relates to goals that are important for all businesses. 23% of them have visited the website, 20% of others searched for the brand online and 19% said they would consider trying the brand after seeing it mentioned in a tweet.

        Then more than 80% of B2B prospects generated by social media come from LinkedIn. Initially LinkedIn was known as a platform for employee recruitment, but with the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, 77% of B2B marketing practitioners said they had got new clients from LinkedIn. In addition, there are also Instagram which is based on the results of the Nielsen Brand Effect that show the introduction of advertisements from paid posts on Instagram 2.9 times higher than Nielsen's normal standards for online advertising.

       Those statistical data shows that the use of social media is considered as a sufficiently efficient platform to market a product / service because their target market is generally active in using their social media in their daily lives so that the introduction of products or promotions is better communicated to the public or even your target market. Especially nowadays, there are many digital advertising services that can support entrepreneurs in promoting their products such as using Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and so on.

      In addition to digital advertising, social media is a great place to increase your product's brand awareness. The basic thing you need to prepare is the design and content that will be advertised. If you use social media management services for your business, make sure they support it with attractive and professional visual content, tone and copywriting so that brand awareness goals are achieved.

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