What You Need to Know About Landing Page

Website | 30 November 2018

          A business may have various types of products with different market segments. When you enter one of the shoe stores for example, you will be asked about what type of shoes you need. Are running shoes, work shoes or other shoes. The shopkeeper will take you to a corner of the shop where you can find the shoes you need. As if to make you forget the number of shoes on display at the store, you are directed at the product you are looking for.

          In online business, you didn’t advertise your business specifically. Traffic is often directed to pages with a large selection of products, or like a catalog on an offline business. Maybe they are very interested in your business, but that doesn't mean they are interested in all your products.
Therefore, you need a landing page. Landing pages are stand-alone web pages, created specifically for marketing or advertising campaigns.

          Landing pages are designed with one focused goal. This is what makes landing page the best choice for increasing the conversion rate of your Google AdWords campaign. Landing pages can be used for every ad campaign you do. If you need to communicate discounts or messages to various classes of customer, the simplest way is through the landing page.

         Landing pages can increase any conversions to the desired goal, from capture leads to sales. A study from eyeviewdigital.com shows that landing pages with videos can increase conversions by up to 80%. Landing page is also useful to the effectiveness of your digital ads. If you have a paid ad, of course you need a link to link. Landing page will be useful as a page that provides more complete information related to your digital ads. By creating a landing page, you can also easily record and analyze your visitors. Landing page allows you to place pixels, site counters, etc. to know the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, and the origin of visitors easily.

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