Dear Carol

Branding, Naming

It can be costly to make a dress for each wonderful occasion your child will get as they grow. Through Dear Carol, you will get access to many gorgeous collection for both boys and girls, in a smarter, more economical way.

Inspired from the holiday season in December, when everyone is enjoying a long holiday and sharing many happy moments with the loved ones. Carol is that special one we hold Dear in our hearts. Carol is not only a girl’s name but it means the song of joy and we strive to serve our customers with love and care.

We develop a new and ownable logo that visually represents the brand personality, which is high end, inspiring and precious. The logo symbolise a love of a mother to her child. Combination of navy blue and a touch of gold, to build a luxury brand image. By creating a high end and inspiring brand, Dear Carol can stand further from the competition and attract new customers.