Web Design

Starting from our owner passion, Likea establish in April 2018 by Like Mutiaristi. The brand name derives from her name and the philosophy of Likeable. By the brand name they hope that Likea can be our customers likeable daily wear too.

The popularity of the hijab and Muslim fashion in Indonesia has been on the rise. Therefore we have to create a distinct brand image for Likea to stand out among other competitors. We developed a landing page, to inform people about who is Likea as a brand, people can see the whole picture of Likea and also to attract them to buy Likea’s collection.

Likea want to build their image as a feminine, fresh and fun brand, that’s why we choose soft pastel colour to represent the feminine side and balance it with handwriting to show that likea is a fresh and youthfull brand, lastly we add illustration that match the fabric design to make it look eye catching and attractive.

Photo courtesy of Likea