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Firstpage empowers brands to navigate the digital landscape with precision and impact. Specializing in digital funnel architecture, we transform your online transition and scaling challenges into growth opportunities. By harnessing data analytics and tailored digital strategies, we ensure your business not only competes but thrives in the digital era, delivering measurable results that matter.

Firstpage started as a creative agency five years ago. Along the journey, they encountered limitations with their current business model and scope, finding it challenging to deliver real impact due to handling numerous brands, lack of focus, and misalignment with their core strengths. This realization hit hard when they faced a six-month period without sales and noticed no differentiation from competitors. These challenges led to a pivotal rebranding decision. Recognizing their proficiency in digital marketing, Firstpage chose to specialize in helping brands focus on building more impactful digital funnels. They understood that business growth involves more than just advertising; measured data and analysis play crucial roles. The lack of tracked data hindered optimization efforts. Thus, Firstpage repositioned itself as a digital architect, dedicated to constructing effective digital funnels.


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The Founder

Kevin Dwi

The Founder

From the buzzing digital hubs of Prasetya Mulya Business School to the strategic echelons of marketing excellence, Kevin has carved out a niche as a visionary in digital marketing. With more than 10++ Years of expertise since 2013, his journey is not just one of personal growth but of industry innovation.

Kevin's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited in 2013 when he launched his own fashion brand. Driven by a passion for style and trends, he entered the market with enthusiasm and a vision to make a mark in the fashion industry. However, he soon faced the harsh realities of business—despite a promising product line, high sales remained elusive.

The struggle to generate significant sales in his fashion venture was Kevin's first real business challenge. It wasn't just about having a great product; it was about reaching the right people in the right way. This realization sparked Kevin's interest in a crucial aspect of business success: digital advertising.

Determined to turn his business around, Kevin delved into the world of digital marketing. He started learning about online advertising, experimenting with different strategies, and testing various approaches. His efforts led him to specialize in Meta Ads, where he began to see real, measurable success.

Kevin’s superpower emerged as his strategic insight into digital campaigns and his adaptability to the rapidly changing digital landscape. He excelled at not just running ads but crafting campaigns that spoke directly to the target audience, maximizing engagement and conversion.

As Kevin honed his skills in digital marketing, he realized that success in this field required more than just understanding ads; it needed a comprehensive approach to digital funnels, branding and other business skills. This led him to expand his focus from solely advertising to mastering the architecture of digital funnels, ensuring that every stage of the customer journey was optimized for success.

With newfound expertise and a series of winning campaigns under his belt, Kevin transitioned from a creative agency to a digital architect. He founded Firstpage, a company dedicated to helping other businesses overcome their digital challenges through effective funnel strategies. His experience in many industries, combined with his digital marketing prowess, enabled him to offer unique insights and tailored solutions to his clients.

In an industry that evolves by the minute, Kevin’s openness to continuous learning and his willingness to adapt have been his greatest strengths. He recognizes that in digital marketing, yesterday’s strategies might not work today, and thus maintains a proactive approach to learning and innovation.

Today, Kevin continues to lead Firstpage with a focus on innovation and client success. He is committed to staying ahead of industry trends and applying his learnings to help clients navigate the complexities of digital marketing. His goal is to not only grow his business but also to contribute to the growth of his clients' businesses, ensuring they thrive in the digital realm.

What is a Digital Architect?

A Digital Architect, as exemplified by Firstpage, is a modern specialist dedicated to crafting the structural foundations of a company's digital presence. At Firstpage, a Digital Architect goes beyond traditional digital marketing tactics by meticulously constructing digital funnels that guide businesses towards enhanced growth and scalability. These professionals leverage a deep understanding of data analytics, user behavior, and strategic digital marketing to build bespoke solutions that turn online challenges into substantial growth opportunities.

In today's digital-first world, a Digital Architect's role is pivotal. They analyze, design, and implement comprehensive digital strategies that ensure a brand’s online activities contribute to its overall business objectives. By integrating various elements such as SEO, content marketing, data analysis, and digital transformation practices, Firstpage’s Digital Architects ensure that every aspect of the digital funnel works in concert to deliver measurable results. This holistic approach not only streamlines a brand’s digital journey but also amplifies its market impact, leading to sustained business success.

At Firstpage, the Digital Architect’s expertise is particularly vital in transforming untracked data and broken funnels—what Firstpage identifies as its nemesis—into structured, effective, and insightful digital pathways. This transformation is crucial for businesses looking to not just compete but dominate in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Through tailored strategies and precise implementation, Firstpage’s Digital Architects help brands navigate this complex terrain, ensuring that every digital interaction is optimized for maximum engagement and conversion.

Thus, a Digital Architect is not just a role but a mission-critical asset in the digital age, embodying the passion, focus, and expertise necessary to drive a brand's digital transformation forward. Firstpage, with its keen focus on crafting result-driven digital funnels, exemplifies the true essence of digital architecture in the modern business era.